About us

Alsia Cross Market Garden is an organic family farm growing vegetables, salads and herbs. We supply all our own produce to box scheme customers, restaurants and cafés in West Penwith, Cornwall.


Our holding is situated next to the wayside cross in the hamlet of Alsia (pronounced ay lee ah) near St Buryan, West Cornwall. We’ve been growing produce here without chemical pesticides or fertilisers since 2003.


Our beginnings were small: a customer base of just 10 veg boxes and two restaurants. And everything packed and stored in a second-hand shed bought from Merlin’s Magic Land!


Since then, we’ve expanded our growing and built a new veg store. These days, we supply around 45 veg box customers, six restaurants and cafés, and one shop.


So, although we’ve grown, we’re still a small family farm. Everything we sell is our own, and we don’t buy in from other farms. This means that all produce is very fresh, and definitely local.

Our head grower is John Watson, who has been involved in the commercial production of organic vegetables since 1998. Working alongside John is his partner Becky Hayward – and our two children at times! And as of 2015, we've been joined by Megan Val Baker – a new addition to our farming team.